FEELING BURNOUT…listen to the healing signs of nature.

When we are feeling tired, burnout, on the go, busy and many of the other stresses of daily life, it’s difficult to stop and see the ‘forest from the trees’ so to speak. 

Walking with nature, listening to the trees talk, hearing the sounds around us, feeling the sun and air on our bodies, and being in the open among the elements is nature's remedy for feeling more at peace with ourselves and having more positive energy for those around us.

Hiking and getting outdoors is important for keeping your wellbeing in check. We have always had a deep connection with the natural world around us. Exercising outdoors makes us happier, improves our quality and length of sleep and provides longer-lasting energy than indoors. 

We have a huge amount of experience surrounding ourselves with nature and workouts and apply this in our Positive Energy hiking experiences. From paddling to hiking, swimming and running, to stretching, yoga and Pilates, we love it all. We try to relay these experiences to our clients.

In the outdoors it’s so liberating and free to experience exercise in nature and all of its benefits. Our senses are heightened, from touch to taste, smell, hearing and sight. 

Allowing us to both see, hear and appreciate things around us and remove business from our minds. Creating and achieving a sense of balance in our state of mind which allows our bodies to function better.

Hiking and exercising outdoors repair us mentally and physically.